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Guided Birdwatching Tours

The Algarve has a wonderful variety of birds and many places where to find them. At almost any time of the year there is something of interest to see. Tours may cover several different habitats dependent on season and tides - salinas, saltmarsh, hills, steppe grasslands and woodlands.

Sightseeing Eco Tours

TRAVEL ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN SCHEDULE wake up on your own time, and eat your meals when you want them. It's your vacation!. Don't be one of a coach group of 50 going where they want to go ... at the time and place that suits them . Don't be tied to a rigid itinerary and see only the obvious places everyone else goes to missing the lesser-known, off the beaten track .

Guided Walking Eco-Tours

Join an eco-tourism adventure in the Algarve, Portugal. Our eco-tourism and adventure tour company provides superior service and confort from beginning to end.

There is absolutely no better way to experience mother nature than to spend your days hiking.

Exploring new landscapes, observing new wildlife, and experiencing new ecosystems it's an exciting way to spend a day.

Horse Drawn Carriage Tours

Experience the sights and sounds of the colorful Tavira as our horse-drawn carriage take you back in time to another era. Ambiance, history, architecture, and tradition this tour will bring you all the way around Tavira.

Ria Formosa Boat Tours

Tour thru part of the Natural Park of Ria Formosa, a true sanctuary of nature. Privileged place to observe birds, by being a migratory corridor containing some of the last places in the Europe for some birds to make nests, Ria Formosa is visited annually by about 30 thousand birds from different spices.

Tavira Personalized Guided Tours

Feel the town and discover the area. These tours will give you an overview of the natural beauty, the architecture and the social life of the town and its region.

Restaurant Beira Rio

The cooking style is classically based with a lot of Portuguese influence while retaining a good sense of Irish authenticity through the use of locally grown organic and artisan produce. All menus are seasonally based.


The town has been rebuilt with many fine 18th Century buildings along with its 37 churches. A 'Roman' (actually Moorish) bridge links the two parts of the town across the River Gilão. The population is in the region of 25,000 inhabitants the surrounding area is still fairly rural and undeveloped. This is now changing due to the demands of the tourist industry and opening of golf courses in the near vicinity. The beach for this town lies past the salt pans and is reached by a ferryboat that takes the visitor to the sand-bar island known as Ilha de Tavira , part of the Ria Formosa .


  • TERRA ESTREITAPesca do Atum
  • CAVALOS TaviraCastelo de Tavira
  • BIRD TaviraPonte Romana Tavira



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